Janet & Saviour requested they had their couples engagement photography shoot with their two little sweet angels at the Northolt and Greenford Countryside park. We hoped and prayed for a little bit hot warm weather. We didn’t get lucky, and it all ended up with Plan B, Lots of fun still. Before we clambered over the hill in the park, we took a stroll through the beautiful Northolt and Greenford Countryside park.

Couples story

“We first met at a University event in Kingston early spring 2007.

During the event we kept smiling at each other but neither

of us did anything about it. At the end of the event I built up the

courage and approached Janet. We spoke for a bit then exchanged

numbers and now here we are. When we say ‘’now here we are’’

We are saying that, as we feel we have been lucky to have found

each other, and have been blessed with a wonderful family with two

beautiful and loving children. We thank God for bringing us together

and may he continue to watch over our family as we embark on this

new chapter.”


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Now looking forward to their wedding in the summer.